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Are you contemplating buying a house in San Diego or investing in real estate in California? You probably have many questions. Below, we share a few of the ones we receive most often from people like you.

  • Is this a good time to buy a house in San Diego or should I wait?

    San Diego is one of the leading real estate markets in the United States and the answer to when is the best time to invest depends on various factors, including your budget, tolerance for risk, your short- and long-term plans, the location you desire and the type of property you want. We will advise you so you can find the property with the greatest potential to meet your plans and expectations. Find out more about our services.

  • Can I buy a house if I’m not a U.S. citizen?

    Yes, however it’s important that before you buy a house or investment property in the United States you consult with an attorney and/or an accountant, especially if you plan to live in San Diego. We have a network of reliable professionals who have helped clients from other countries to obtain their immigration documents.

  • I’m from a foreign country and have a tourist visa. Can I obtain financing to buy a house in San Diego?

    Of course you can! We specialize in helping people get a loan to buy a house in the United States. We have access to distinct sources of financing, including from banks in other countries. We can even help you obtain a home loan based on income from your country. Don’t stress. You have many options. Visit our section on financing to learn more about mortgages in the United States.

  • What are the best places to live in the San Diego region?

    The County of San Diego has something for all tastes. Some prefer Chula Vista because of its family feel and proximity to Tijuana; others opt for the urban lifestyle of downtown San Diego or the peacefulness of Coronado; while others are lured by the irresistible beaches of La Jolla and Del Mar. You can count on us to help you find the best location for you and your family.

  • How safe is it to live in San Diego?

    In 2010, Forbes magazine ranked San Diego as ninth in its “America’ Safest Cities” list. Despite being California’s second largest city, it has a low crime rate and a high quality of life. In fact, security is one of the main reasons to buy a house in San Diego County.

Do you have more questions? Contact us and we will answer them.